About IUCT



Welcome to our Iniyaudaiyam Charitable Trust…….

INIYAUDAIYAM CHARITABLE TRUST ( IUCT) is an institution started with a dream in the year 2004…

The dream where we want to see that no children should go uneducated for the want of money. Children should not get involved in the hazadarous occupations like begging , Ragpicking quarry work etc., Their inherent talents should be given adequate exposure. Equality and fraternity among all the children is our driving force to start the organization .

Particularly we are more concerned about the vulnerability of the girl children. Their poor educational status , and poor economic status make them more backward and vulnerable to the exploiting forces. we want to see that the girl children should come up in their lives and contribute to our society in a more positive manner.

25 Villages are being covered in 4 blocks in Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts

IUCT strives for an egalitarian society by

“Creating a conducive social environment where the individual can lead a peaceful and splendid life”

The mission of IUCT

“ Literacy, social awareness, self-support, community health, empowering and motivating the people to the betterment  of  society.’’

Target Beneficiaries

That all women, men and children have the basic right to dignity and self- determination and that all people should have the opportunity and choice of enhancing their own potential and well-being.

The values that members of  IUCT share and work towards a society that would :

  • Social Equality
  • Empowering the economically weaker
  • Promoting and Protecting Girl children’s welfare
  • Ensuring the implementation of the Child rights
  • Peace initiatives among the families and the communities.

Where We are Operating

Avadi is a sub urban community 40 kms away from Chennai city in Thiruvallur district. It is one of poorest localities where majority of the population belongs to migrant labourers. Literacy among the adult is very minimal. Awareness about the  children's education is also very poor. Most of the girl children leave their school education soon after their  middle school education. Child marriages are more prevelant in this locality. Our target area is one of the inhabitations of  the  Enforced evicted  people. Most of the Adults are daily casual laborers.  Our Organisation is catering to the needs of nearly 1lakh population in and around Avadi area.

Target Districts

  • 1.Chennai - Kolathur and Surrounding areas
  • 2.Thiruvallur - Avadi  and near by Villages
  • 3.Kancheepuram - Thiruneermalai  and Urappakkam areas