Nutritious Food ( From Deficiency to Efficiency) Fight against Malnutrition

Protein deficiency is the paramount problem that is prevalent among the poor children. To overcome the mal-nutrition among our children we are providing the nutritious supplementary meal to them in our evening centres regulary. Particularly we are focusing the health and the eduation aspect of 10 th std studying children in near by area of the Avadi Municipality school. Regularly from the Month of January to March we are providing the children with protein rich foods like boiled Bengal gram, Horse gram etc . By this initiative we are able to observe that these children are comparatively doing better in their academics.

"Children are the future of the nation” Education and Health is the foundation for building a healthy nation. In our country, 2 million children die before their first birthday due to lack of immunization and medical facilities. India has the highest population of underweight children below the age of five, with 48 per cent of Indian children being underweight, says the UNICEF report.

Iniya Udaiyam Supplementary Nutritious Meal

Iniya Udaiyam partnered with PAAPA project, an initiative of Ambattur Rotary Charitable Trust provided nutritious food regulary to 0-5 yrs children to fight against malnutrition. 60 children benefited through the programme in Konambedu village, Avadi Muncipality, Thiruvallur district.
Supplementary Nutritious meal providing regularly to the school going children of 6-14 yrs to keep them very active and healthy. More than 100 children benefiting per year.

Medical Camps

Medical camps organizes twice in a year to the children and the community people.
Once in 4 months we are conducting medical screening camps for our children and for our community people.Both allopathy and alternative therapies like Accupunture, naturopathy are followed in our camps. More than 2000 people are benefitting through this medical camps and financial support is being arranged for meeting the medical expenses for the needy and the deserving patients.

Iniya Udaiyam Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a science of healthy living. It can help a human life to move towards higher states of harmony and peace both as an individual and a social being. It is a boon for developing their concentration, memory and creativity. Children are practiced with enthusiastically.