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Smile Twin e_Learning Programme (STeP):

Computer is playing a vital role in the world. Access and exposure to the mass media and to computers are still very limited in India, even in urban areas. Many of the low-income families’  youth and women are doing some casual work. They have not got an opportunity to even touch and operate computers.  IUCT support their rightful and bright full career through courses offering computer application, Functional English and Personality development. We developed and molded more than 1800 students for the last 5 years.   We believe that this kind of development is not only for that individual it’s also for their families and community in financially and psychologically.    This positive change is helping their siblings too.  Through this course these students developing new independence and social skills. More than 80% of students lifestyle has been changed previously.

Our students Placed in




CST InfoTech

HCL and More…

Job Opportunity for Youth and Management Education Joyme Academy:

The ultimate aim of the project is Youth Transformation and Development, is to reduce vulnerabilities of young adults especially women and girls, families of widows and youth from the abandoned target families in the outskirts of Chennai district (India) through poverty reduction through vocational training programs. The intervention intended is to provide an opportunity for vocational training in Tailoring. The vocational training would be supported by job mediation that would eventually increase family income. The social relevance of the project is its ability to address the issue of vulnerability of youth who are idle likely to have deviant behavioral lifestyle and would be in the poverty level as well.  Acquiring necessary skills through these training programs would help them set up their own enterprise or they could find employment in some other companies.

” We can share what we have and light Happiness, Spread Smile in their Lives “

” Come Let’s Do it “

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