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    Value Based Development Education(VBDE) :


    Children are the future pillars of our country. We know that “Educating the children” is the paramount important activity for building a healthy nation. In slums and low-income group areas, due to illiteracy of parents, the poor economic condition of the family, lack of moral values, lack of guidance, lack of facilities, lack of parental care, peer pressure, etc., children are not growing into healthy confident human beings. With the goal to empower underprivileged children and make them self-reliant, healthy and confident, Value-based Quality education is being imparted to the first generation of school going children wherein they get the opportunity to exhibit their innate talents. Due to their poor economic condition and the lack of awareness about the importance of education among the parents, many children drop out of school. Supporting these children and reducing the burden of the illiterate parents and promote the best children for our nation, we intend to start this

    100% Result

    Beneficiaries: 450 Children / year

    Slum children

    Migrant people


    Cobbers children

    Single parent children

    Empower and Effective Education (EEE):

    Beneficiaries: Child labor, begging children, nomads, street Children

    Target area: JJ Nagar, Vino Nagar

    Target children: 100

    • Parents meeting
    • Capacity training, Life skill training, Exposure visit, Celebrations, Summer camp.
    • Child Parliament

    Education is the Key to Success

    Sponsor / Child :  ₹ 7500/Year 

    ” India is a Democratic Country and Every Child needs to be Educated and should be Developed in a manner that he/she should properly fit in this society “

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