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      Iniyaudaiyam charitable trust has been working for village development in the theme of Education, Health and Environment 80% of involved organizations are serving for Green conservation in Tamilnadu, inspiration of  Nammalvar who is activist for traditional Agriculture. For this experience iniyaudaiyam took responsibilities through raising our Voices for Green panchayats with holistic development.

      Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life. It is something that is necessary for the survival of each and every human being. It not only provides food and raw materials but also employment opportunities to a large proportion of the population. Agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy as the main source of food. Our farmers work so hard in the agriculture sector to feed us. They also help to prevent future attacks on us or our neighboring country for food. Our farmers stand for us in any situation by giving food to the world.

      GOAL :

      Re-establishing Village Ecology for Sustainable Food Production and Climate Change Adaptation in 2 blocks at Kancheepuram.



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